The Giving Assistant Button is always working in the background to help you find more savings, however, sometimes we have to "stand-down".  That will look something like this:

This is an example of the overlay we'll show when we can't take action for you.

Fear Not, We Can Fix This!

Cases this can show

Typically the reason is because we detected a link from another coupon site or advertisement where we don't have the ability to "overwrite" it.  Most common cases are:

  • You are using another Browser Extension for some kind of savings/cash back/coupon automation testing

  • You clicked a review site, sponsored link or other coupon/savings website's links

  • You clicked a "paid advertisement" on a search engine like Google, or on another site 

Fix It!

We make it as easy as possible to fix these cases, as long as we can allow you to re-gain savings with the current situation. When possible to re-gain savings and get The Button activated again, our wonderful engineering team added a glorious and big button like listed in the screenshot above that lets you:

  1. Click "Activate on our website" which takes you to our site and presents you with a cash back prompt

  2. Click the "Activate.. & Return .." Button on our site to bring The Button alive again!

If you have any further troubles ask us so we can help!

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