In order to ensure the best experience, Giving Assistant has a few browser and device requirements as part of our commitment to providing the best platform we can offer. 

Browser Compatibility and the public Cash Back marketplace requires recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari, or Internet Explorer 10+

Technology Used

We use a variety of technology platforms for the secure tracking of required data to provide a robust cash back experience. The most common you may see is the use of JavaScript and Cookies in your desktop and mobile browsers. Javascript and Cookies are required in order to use Giving Assistant. 

Ad Blocking / Toolbars / Extensions

In order for your clicks to be properly tracked by Giving Assistant,  AdBlocking software and any similar plugins or extensions MUST be completely disabled for the duration of your shopping experience. This includes the time you spend on Giving Assistant through the end of your order with the store you choose. If you fail to disable these, your cash back will not be applied.  

Working with AdBlock Plus

In FireFox, Click "Disable Everywhere"

In Chrome and Safari, First choose "Options", then uncheck ALL lists

Step #1: 

Step #2:

Working with Ghostery

In All browsers, click "Pause Blocking"

Working with AdBlock

In All browsers, click "Pause AdBlock"

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