The key is to share, share, share your nonprofit’s personal Giving Assistant fundraising page! (The link for it is located in your nonprofit’s Giving Assistant dashboard.) Remember—shoppers who sign up through your fundraising page are automatically set up to donate 100% of their cash back specifically to your cause.

Here are some ideas for sharing the page: 

  • Post it on your nonprofit’s social media accounts

  • Share it in emails and newsletters to your community

  • Add it to your nonprofit email signature

  • Encourage your co-workers to rally their friends and family

Also, make sure they know that supporting you with their shopping through Giving Assistant is completely effortless, thanks to our top-rated browser extension, the Button. Once installed, it will activate cash back, coupons, and donations for them without them having to remember to visit—yes, making regular contributions to your cause is as easy as installing a free browser extension! 

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