If you're officially registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the United States Internal Revenue Service, your nonprofit's name is listed in a public database. Anyone can discover your organization via this database, including our shoppers and other interested donors.

Nonprofits' first donations via our platform have originated from different channels over the course of our company's growth. Today, you'll find they originate either from shoppers, or from one of Giving Assistant’s five founders.

For many nonprofits, their first donations come directly from shoppers eager to use Giving Assistant to support a cause they care about. Here’s how that works: 

  1. An average of 1,000 shoppers a day sign up for Giving Assistant to earn cash back, get coupons, and score great deals at over 3,000 online brands, like Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, and more.

  2. When a shopper earns cash back, they can choose to automatically donate their earnings (or a percentage of it) to any publicly registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of their choice.

If a shopper requests to donate their cash back to a nonprofit that is not yet signed up with us, we reach out to that organization in order to connect them with their donations, and to the shoppers who are supporting them. We work very hard to get every cent entrusted to us sent securely to the nonprofits our shoppers want to help.

Alternatively, for organizations who have not yet received any cash back donations from shoppers, one of Giving Assistant's founders will volunteer to make an initial donation. (A “Hello!” donation, if you will.) This initial donation, made in earnest, gives nonprofits a chance to see how Giving Assistant works. As with our shoppers' donations, there are no strings attached. It's a real donation, and it's really yours.

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