For starters, Giving Assistant generates between 5 and 10 times more donations for nonprofits than Amazon Smile.

Still, we hear these two things a lot:

  1. “We already use Amazon Smile and we don't raise much from it, so there's no point in adding a similar service to our fundraising toolbox—we already know what to expect.”

  2. “We already use Amazon Smile, and we like it fine. Why add another, similar fundraising tool?”

The answer to both: you'll raise more.

In detail:

  1. We raise 5x more for nonprofits than Amazon Smile. For every $10 your supporters spend shopping with Giving Assistant, you could raise $0.50—compared to the nickel you'd raise with Amazon Smile.

  2. We're leveraging consumer spending at over 3,000 retailers—not just one big one. Hence our capacity to help you raise 5x more than Amazon Smile.

  3. We (literally) enable your supporters to donate twice as much. Here’s how: Giving Assistant shoppers can choose from two different membership plans: Power Shopper or Savvy Shopper. While Savvy Shoppers’ membership is completely free, Power Shoppers pay $5.99 a year for the privilege of earning 2x cash back at all our stores, all the time. The $5.99 fee comes directly out of their cash back, so they do not need to provide us with any credit card info. Since it’s so easy to sign up as a Power Shopper and earn 2x cash back, it’s no surprise that it’s our most popular membership by leaps and bounds. What does that mean for nonprofits? Well, compared to similar fundraising tools, our nonprofits regularly receive 2x donations. When Jane Donor earns 10% cash back instead of 5%, she’s going to give $4 to her nonprofit instead of $2, or $20 instead of $10.

  4. Our shoppers are more intentional about giving. In other words, they know they have choices—but they choose Giving Assistant specifically because we enable them to give charitably in addition to saving (a lot of) money. Many of our shoppers will choose to join the mailing lists of the nonprofits they support, for instance. Regardless, they enjoy the sense of purpose that comes from logging into their account and viewing not just how much cash back they've earned, but also how much they've given—something Amazon Smile lacks.

  5. We are a transparent, engaged and passionate team that is actively invested in your success on our platform. From our nonprofit blog features, to our B Corp, to the text you're reading right now, we invest significant time and resources making nonprofit organizations feel confident, understood, and supported while fundraising with us. (Compared to Amazon, whose time is mostly invested in...Amazon.) We're also proud to employ a hard-working team of full-time Charity Advocates. They provide exclusive (often live, 1-on-1) service and support to nonprofits, and keep our entire team up-to-date on the sector's ever-evolving needs and issues. Simply put, we want to be certain that everything we do will ultimately—and always—serve to reinforce your mission.

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