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The minimum payout is $5.99

All methods are 100% fee-free.  


  • Joined after Dec 18, 2015: Your current earnings are paid out every Monday once they have been released from your pending earnings. Pending earnings are locked anywhere from 15 to 90 days depending on the retailer. 
  • Joined before Dec 18, 2015: We process PayPal payments once a month, with a one-month delay. That means on November 1, you will get paid the cash back you earned in September; on December 1, the cash back you earned in October; and so on. 
  • IMPORTANT: We are based in San Francisco [Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8:00)] and payments are made by end of day local time. 


  • We send out eCheck payments via email four times a year for cash back earned in the previous quarter. 
  • IMPORTANT: eCheck payments are sent on the dates listed below. We send earnings to your email address on file with a special code so that you can retrieve the check. From there, you simply print the check and deposit it in the same way you would deposit traditional checks. Direct deposit is also available with participating banks.
  • Checks are sent: May 1 (Q1 Earnings), August 1 (Q2 Earnings), November 1 (Q3 Earnings), February 1 (Q4 Earnings)
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