Giving Assistant is a loyalty program with major benefits for both shoppers and non-profit organizations alike.

So, what is a loyalty program, and how does ours benefit you?

loyalty program: (noun)

A loyalty program is a program retailers use to reward shoppers who frequent their store.

For example: let’s say that Bob’s Pharmacy is where you always go to pick up your prescriptions.

As you’re paying for your prescriptions, the cashier says, “Do you have a Bob’s Pharmacy Card?” Why, yes, you do. You pull out your card, the cashier scans it, and bam: 10% is knocked off the cost of your prescriptions.

That’s because you’re a member of Bob’s Pharmacy’s loyalty program. Since you shop there a lot (you’re a loyal customer) you get special little rewards.

Retailers use loyalty programs to retain customers, and customers love loyalty programs because—well, who doesn’t love to be rewarded?

Our (loyal) members consistently use Giving Assistant because we reward them for doing their online shopping through us. Not only do they earn cash back on their purchases, but we also provide them with valuable coupons.

Non-profit organizations who partner with us greatly benefit from our members’ loyalty. Giving Assistant members return again and again to shop with us, earning more cash back, and donating those earnings to non-profits they love.

In turn, nonprofits enjoy a long-term, reliable stream of donations to support their missions.

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