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To answer this question, we’ll first tell you how we don’t make money.

We don’t take a percentage of shoppers cash back earnings, and we don’t take a percentage of funds shoppers donate to nonprofit organizations.

That’s right.

Shoppers earn  more cash back, because we don’t take any of it.

Non-profits keep 100% of donations our shoppers contribute to them, because we don’t take any of that either.

So how  do we earn money?

A primary way is through sales commissions.

Say Retailer A is partnered with us. When a Giving Assistant member shops at Retailer A, that retailer pays us a sales commission, as if to say, “Thanks for sending business our way!”

Since they’re partnered with us, we pass 100% of that commission on to the Giving Assistant member. They earn more cash back, so they feel comfortable donating more to their favorite nonprofits.

Giving Assistant profits from sales commissions we earn when:

  • non-members use Giving Assistant promo codes to save money at online retailers
  • members shop through Giving Assistant at retailers who we are not currently partnered with.

No matter how rewarding Giving Assistant is, lots of promo code hunters simply don't take the time to sign up for our loyalty program, yet they still generate sales through our platform for which we receive a commission. Since they're not a member, we're unable to pay them their cash back—and that ends up becoming a profit.

This innovative, sustainable business model allows us to give our members more cash back, and our non-profits more donations. Our members are better rewarded, so they return—and donate—again and again.

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